Post-storm Crissy Field East Beach anomalies

After a brief but substantial night storm in the bay we headed to East Beach to see what might have washed up on the shores before the tide came and returned it all to the depths. We found many sponges and dislodged kelp, the ever present plastics, and other large common drift.

We also found some delicate larvae, but It was large and desperate to get back into the ocean, so I forewent foldscoping the tail.

As we got close to a debris field near a pier several strange balls appeared scattered on the beach. They seemed to be oozing worm-like creatures.

Investigation of the ‘ooze’ revealed some interesting creatures, with an obvious body plan but confusing composition. There appeared to be a gut, but the symmetry was confusing. It resembled Sea Pork, but was much more colorful than ones I had seen before.

Any ideas on the origin? Tunicate colony? Sea Pork?

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    What a beautiful puzzle!!

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