Anatomy of a hibiscus flower

Every day as I walk out of my residence here in Cape Town, I pass by this brilliant hibiscus flowering tree. Oftentimes I’ll snatch a flower down just to add some natural color to my room, and I was so wowed by the different parts of it I saw under my Foldscope:

The inner petal, dark-red region
The light pink flower petal in greater clarity!

And below, pollen grains were starkly visible with Foldscope, which I found to be incredibly enrapturing.

Whenever I head out to work with students at a Foldscope workshop now, I always bring this flower for them to peer under the microscope with.

Samples at the macro scale

The stigma and style too were quite neat to observe!

Crushed stigma

And for fun, I had painted this flower during my first week of April here in Cape Town. Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Wow – what a dramatic juxtaposition of different cell types. That first image of brick laying precision is probably one of my favorite flower petal image. Just fantastic.

    Beautiful work Grace!


  2. RebeccaKonte says:

    The first image of the inner petal’s dark red region is absolutely stunning! And ah, I love your painting! Great post 🙂

  3. gracehu says:

    Thank you guys — more pictures to come but will post in the next few weeks after finals pass 🙂

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