10 Biological Samples

Rebecca Mikofsky Bi 1 Extra Credit Section 4

I found 10 different items around Caltech’s campus in Southern California and imaged them using my foldscope.

  1. Pollen of yellow hibiscus (Hibiscus brackenridgei). It was taken from in front of Page House on Caltech’s campus. It was collected and prepared on 5/9/19.
Hibiscus pollen photo taken 5/29 11:50 PM
The bush that the flower was taken from. Photo 5/30/19 7:08PM

2. Blood from a cut on my arm around 11:45pm 5/29/19 by smearing the slide against my wound.

A photo of my blood taken 5/30/19 12:05am
A photo of skin cells on the same slide taken from my arm 5/30/19 12:05 AM
The photo of my arm with a wound that the sample came from. Taken 5/29/19 11:59pm.

3. Skin taken from a healing zit on another students face. Sample was from the face and placed on a slide around 12:10 am 5/30/19.

The bloody skin samples from the zit on another student’s cheek. Taken 5/30/19 12:18am.
The student’s cheek that the sample was taken from. Taken 5/30/19 12:19am

4. Mold was collected from a mango in the fridge of Ricketts house. The mold was collected around 12:15 am 5/30/19 using a Q-tip by poking a hole in the bag containing the mangoes.

The images above are mold from the mangoes taken 5/30/19 12:34am. It is probably botrytis mold that commonly grows on fruit.

Photos of moldy mangoes in a bag from a fridge. Photo taken 5/30/19 12:30am.

5. A spoonful of sourdough starter, which is contains yeast, lactic and other bacteria, was placed on a slide using a Q-tip around 12: 30 am 5/30/19.

Some cells in the sourdough starter. Taken 5/30/19 12:51am.
The spoonful of sourdough starter. Taken 5/30/19 12:40am

6. An red onion (allium cepa) that was grilled for dinner on 5/30 was turned into a sample by peeling the outer layer of skin off.

A photo of red onion skin showing the cells and color. Taken 5/30 9:12 pm.
A photo of the piece of grilled red onion. Taken 5/30/19 6:52pm.

7. An orange (citrus x sinensis) was taken from the floor of the orange walk on Caltech’s campus. It was collected 5/30/19 7:03pm and prepared at 9pm by taking a sliver of the skin using my fingernail.

Above are two images of the orange peel taken at 9:18pm 5/30/19.

The skin of the bottom orange was used. Image taken 5/30/19 7:03 pm.

8. Plant material was collected from a Bougainvillea spectabilis flower. The flower was found in front of Avery at Caltech. The sample was prepared by peeling open the small white flower and putting the contents from inside on to a slide around 8pm 5/30/19. The pictures are of pollen on the stamen.

A picture taken of the flower near Avery House. Taken at 7:21pm.

9. Orange and yellow lantama camara flowers were collected from Holliston avenue on the Caltech campus around 7:15pm. Prepared by opening up flower and rubbing plant material on to slide around 8:30pm. Then small yellow pollen is shown below.

Lantana Camara flowers collected from campus at 7:15pm

10. Coriander (coriander sativum) leaf was imaged on 5/30/19 at 9:30pm. The sample was taken and prepared at 4:30pm by another student who owns the plant in Ricketts at Caltech.

An image of the coriander leaf with air bubbles and a leaf vein. Imaged at 9:30pm 5/30/19.
The coriander plant imaged on 5/30/19.


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