Facial Skin under Foldscope

Facial skin observed under foldscope, picture taken with iPhone.

The image above is of some dead facial skin, observed under foldscope. It can be seen that the skin shows a general web pattern, with random embedding of bigger yellow circles. These circles might be where the pores were. No specific and complete cell structure can be distinguished in this picture. This might be caused by the fact that the surface skin tissue only contains dead cell, or because of the relative low resolution under the magnification.

Where the facial skin sample was obtained. Pc: Sophie.

The sample was obtained around 10:30 PM, 5/29, by Sophie Howell, peeling off a small piece of dead skin from her face. The skin tissue is directly placed on the slide and observed under the foldscope.

This observation is conducted in cooperation with Sophie Howell, Shubh Agrawal, and Becca Mikofsky. The sample is generously donated by Sophie. Thank you guys!


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