Facial Cream

Although I’m not entirely sure what this cream is for, it is interesting due to the consistent and small particle size that is seen through the foldscope. I am assuming that this is so that it can be absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave any particles/residue on the surface of the skin. Although, I don’t know much about makeup so this is only a guess.

This sample was collected at 3:50AM on 5/31/19 in Blacker dining hall.

This sample was imaged by cleaning the glass slide and slide cover with a cue-tip. The facial cream was then placed onto the slide, and the cover was taped down to prevent the sample from moving around. The foldoscope was then rested onto a phone that was displaying a white background and a second phone was used to record the image. The phone was used over ambient light so that a more precise light control could be used. The magnification of the foldoscope was changed until the picture was clearly in focus. A photo was then taken of the specimen.


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