Translation of Foldscope Instructions in Tamil

Learning in local language is easier and makes the learner independent. Foldscope being a frugal innovation it needs to be taken to the mass. Language should not be a barrier for the user. Especially for the young minds, understanding in their own language makes them explore and think beyond. Our Foldscope team lead by Dr.Uthra Dorairajan translated the entire Foldscope instruction into Tamil. In this attempt, the language is child friendly. While the layout, font size, style of the original English version is strictly adhered. This Tamil version was released by 50 students of class 9 from Koyambedu Chennai corporation school on during a workshop on 23, Jan, 2018. And this was received by our own Foldscope team. Thanks to Manu, Homony Laks and DBT for making this happen.
Translated Tamil Foldscope manual

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