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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    What a beautiful image.. just wonderful. Can you share how you dissected the eye; so others can replicate.

    Beautiful work.


  2. Venkateshkumar says:

    Dear Dr. Manu,

    Thanks for your e.mail. Indeed your encouragement makes us more responsible and energetic.

    Following steps were used to dissect the eye of Cricket.

    Common Tree Cricket was captured from the Mulberry Garden in the Campus area of BBAU, LUCKNOW.

    v After the collection of the sample, individual body segments were initially observed and identified.

    v The head, thorax, and abdomen were dissected and abridged with a standard safety razor.

    v The head region was grip with fine-tipped forceps to control the movement and finally with the help of Razorblade entire eye region was sliced off from the head region.

    v Further, the eye of the Cricket was taken and immediately transferred in a petri dish, and 70% Ethanol solution was added to dehydrate the eye cells (ommatidium) for 15 minutes.

    v Dehydrated sample eye was transferred to a clean glass slide and leftover for 1 minute to make ethanol vaporize.

    v Further added one drop of DPX (mounting agent) on the sample of a glass slide and covered with a coverslip.

    v After placing the coverslip, the sample was gently pressed to spread out as finely sectioned.
    v The eye sample was left for dry 48 hrs for proper viewing under Foldscope.
    v Placed the sample in the sample stage of Foldscope and viewed with the help of an android phone. The sample was zoomed until the appropriate image was observed.
    v The best view was twice captured under Foldscope.

  3. edurafi says:

    What a stunning picture! Thanks for sharing the steps, I’ll try it.

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