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  1. Hey Brunob,
    Great find with the Tardigrade, the other worm like creature is a nematode. They’re either friends or they’re predator(tardigrade) – prey(nematodes) naturally.


    1. BrunoB says:

      Thank you, I don’t know a lot about this moss leaving creatures, to be honest i don’t know much about the species around this size in general, so I’m always left in doubt when I find one

      1. Where were the sampled?

        Btw, a quick suggestion BrunoB, use a sand paper and scratch the slides a little, they need a hard surfaces to hold on (microscosmic scale). Otherwise It’s like ice skating without the skates.. I haven’t posted about Tardigrades lately, I’m guilty of it, will do soon..


  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Absolutely fantastic – and hilarious – find. I never seen tardigrades running; was not sure they could move around so fast!


    1. BrunoB says:

      Thank you, I’ve found that if they have enough space and are not slipping on glass they can be pretty nimble.

      I’ve been using slides made of an old fin acrylic sheet with a hole in drilled in the middle of each one of them,
      I just cover one side with clear tape, put a drop of moss infused water in the hole and cover the other side, also with clear tape. It makes something like an aquarium with no slippery surfaces so they can move around as they like, it makes it much harder to focus on them but I find their behaviour in this different setup rewarding enough to compensate.

      Maybe I’ll make a post here about the slides, they are simple but I truly have been having nice results with them.

      Thank you for your amazing work and for being an inspiration to a future engineer, I trully believe that your way of thinking has the power to change the scientific comunity for the better!

  3. edurafi says:

    Fantastic video! I am yet to find a tardigrade.

  4. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

    Beautiful video, I am also searching different water samples and moss to find them, but yet to find it.

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