Rotifer fighting so hard to be free / I am sharing tips on how to capture it too!

Watching this Wheel -head shape- animal for hours was so spectacular but sad at the same time because it was stock!
Let’s see together if it can be free again to engulf surrounding ciliates?

I am adding where I got the sample from + Tips for sampling

In this picture below you can see an area which water is accumulated and left there because of a broken faucet. You can see Algae has grown there and of course hundreds of microscopic organisms.
In my first try, I found Rotifer plus ciliates. Seems this place is perfect environment for microorganisms to grow.

Dark Green Algae is clearly noticeable

Some tips to find possible samples:
1- If you are looking for wet mounts takes samples from pond that is not flowing. So the chances are higher to observe something.
(Note* I am not excluding the samples from flowing dirty water or liquids you are free to take from anywhere you want and for sure there will be lots of things to see).

2- For dry samples, it is good to put them in glass > add water then mix well > leave it 24 h > finally take the new sample from the liquid. This will work mostly.

3- Take many samples if possible from different spots.

4- Regarding preparing the slides. Personally, I prefer using one plastic slide and casual Foldscope perforated paper slide. HOW?
I use the paper one to add the sample and fix it to the plastic by a tape to have a good thickness final slide combined (paper + plastic).

5- Try to add as much as small drop by pipette so you keep the lens clean.

6- Gently tape the sample to the paper slide and try avoiding pressure so the sample does not be squeezed.

7- If you are capturing the show bring a table and put the phone on the edge of table so the Foldscope be outside of table on air. This will help you to control Foldscope more easily and efficiently.

8- Lastly: Please be patient and give your self a some time to triple check every corner and hopefully you will have lots of WOW moments!

Have happy watching 🙂

Hungry Rotifer

Some pictures:

Anatomy of Rotifer
The one and only capture before being stocked again!
Last second!
The prison…

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  1. anonymouszdang says:

    Uhmmm hi????? Can you please tell me what is that thing you are looking at, algea????
    And can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee Explain to me why most of the time, when I captured those creature they’re always seemed to be dead :((( can u show me how to see them float and alive??? Plsssss

    1. Mohamad says:


      Thanks for your comment, I have updated the post and hope it is answering your questions now. Please let me know for any further assistance.


  2. anonymouszdang says:

    I’m desperate pls helpppp

    1. Mohamad says:

      No Please do not feel like that.

      Me personally I faced many poor quality observations for long time. I am sure you can do it and much quicker. You should just enjoy every moment and each try will get you closer to the target.

      Now next thing I want to hear from you about your new observation and post here every step you do so we can give you feedback..

      I am really excited about your discoveries keep it up.

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