Low mag success, high mag lens dirty? Help!

Human Hair 140X LED/condenser…successful.

I set up the Foldscope with the condenser lens and LED setup, and high mag lens, using a 3 stack of paper slides as supplied. All worked except I couldn’t get a clear focus (lens looked spotty – maybe my inability to focus in/out correctly/or just how a high mag lens looks? Seemed dirty.). Tried the low mag lens with LED/condenser setup and it worked well. Tried the camera on my less than smart phone, but the “shutter” speed was too slow to get a clear shot. Setting up on my school’s iPad worked, creating this photo. Shutter speed was everything as I worked with the Foldscope focus (which is not simple on the iPad – may have to upgrade my phone).


Human Hair

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  1. mherring says:

    Hey! Not sure if you’re still looking for input, but the high mag lens can be kind of tricky. The alignment of the light module-sample-lens-camera has to be very exact. Make sure that the high mag lens is taped very exactly to the empty condenser aperture so that the small holes at the top edge of both pieces line up. Then, the back of the lens has to be very close to the sample to get the sample in focus. Hope that helps! Write back if you still have trouble 🙂
    Happy Foldscoping!

  2. mherring says:

    Also, if the lens is dirty, you can take a little bit of water and a soft cloth and clean it off. Just make sure not to accidentally pop the lens out; if it rolls away, you might have a hard time finding it again! 🙂

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