Plant pot water full of life

Hey everyone, I’ve collected some water from the bottom plate of a plant pot to see what I would find there.

I was completely blown away by the amount of things moving, and by the amazing diversity of species I could find. Their circling movements and erratic wiggling seemed like a dance to me! Unfortunately I don’t have a background on micro biology so everytime I want to learn more about a specie I found I have to spend ages going thru species lists to try and discover what they are, so If any of you could help with this I would be immensely grateful!

I recorded them with my phone, the creatures I still could not identify are the one ate this times:
1:23 – curious circular motion
2:15 – appears to have tentacles and to be fast moving 

There are also 2 more creatures that I really want to find more about, this ones were big and easy to follow so I made a video on each one of them. The first one seems like a larva of some kind, and the second one (much bigger) seems like some kind of worm, I was curious especially because only its head was opaque, suggesting it being made of some hard material.

Unidentified Larva

Unidentified worm

I’m sorry if you don’t like the soundtrack, I like to record things as they made me feel when I found them and they seemed a little creepy to me, especially since I didn’t expect to find anything of their size xD

Thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to give a guess on the species!

Good luck finding amazing creatures in the microcosmos!

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