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  1. Bestha Srikanth says:

    nice working, the tiny organism may be ciliated protozoan, it has like paramecium structure we can see nucleus clearly in your picture and that ejected wasted food materials by the cytoproct or cell anus.

  2. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

    Dear Srikanth, thank you for your response. It’s body is flat and body wall is clear and ciliated structures are visible only at anterior end probably sorrounding mouth. The posterior end is pointed like tail and I think it may be a helminth, may not be also, share your views

  3. Bestha Srikanth says:

    it is not a helmenth, they do not have cilia, we can simply say it is a ciliated protozoan and it has vacuole at the posterior side, it is showing nucleus at the middle place .

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