Foldscope at Fab15 community meeting

It was an absolute blast to spend some time with the FabLab community at El Guona, Egypt off the coast of Red Sea – with 400 participants from around the world. The FabLab network has been part of my past life – and it was wonderful to reconnect with old friends (Sherry, Nadya and others) and make new ones (Leo, Jens..) – so many more that it’s hard to make a list.

I ended up running three long workshops (for three consecutive days). It was amazing. I will write a detailed note – but here is some of the action.

Here is a little preview of the kind of data fab15 participants were collecting – here is a beating heart!



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  1. vanne89 says:

    Really enjoyed this meeting at the Fab15 conference – learned loads and got to practice my folding skills again – currently looking for nice samples back home! thanks Manu and all other participants!!

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