Paramecium like organism. (NEED HELP IN IDENTIFICATION)

I was exploring an algal sample from an artificial lotus pond’s water.

I came across a curious looking organism, which on being rotated by a worm appeared more clearly. It has a macronucleus, and other possible structures.

Based on its overall shape, presence of cilia (visible initially), macronucleus and other features, I hypothesized that it might be a paramecium.

The organism is overall quite transparent, and I have to admit I lost it on the slide after a while navigating through it.

Maginfication is 140x (foldscope) and varies 2-3.5x (on smartphone).

A screenshot which I was able to capture.

I am collecting freshwater samples and analysing them through the foldscope. This started as a hobby, and my biology teacher suggested me to take it up a proper project, so I would like to seek coordination of this wonderful community in helping me identify the wonders of the microcosmos. I will upload more samples subsequently.

Manan Suri

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  1. laksiyer says:

    It is definitely a ciliate, not Paramecium though. I feel it might be a telotroch of the Vorticella type (that has lost its stalk). Quite a giant though.

  2. MananSuri says:

    Thank you sir for helping me out…
    I wanted to ask you what identifying features did you see that led to this inference…

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