Green Chilli Bud

College Name:CMR National PU college,ITPL

About The Sample:Green Chilli, Scientific Name: Capsicum annuum

Date of Collection: 4/07/2019,Collected from House Garden

Date of Observation:4/07/2019,In the biology lab using the foldscope

Students Involved:Bhoomika Reddy ‘XI’ A

CMR National PU College,ITPL

The chilli plant bud was picked. The bud was dissected and was placed under the glass slide,it was covered with the cover slip and was viewed under the foldscope using Natural light for light source

The Following Was Observed:

1.The pith of the chilli develops into stele and then the placenta.

2.The cuticle is thin impregnated layer of wax.
The Chilli Plant
Scientific Name: Capsicum annuum

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