Explorers of the microcosmos MEXICO

Foldscope workshops Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

I’ve been offering these workshops for some months now and they’ve been a complete success. It all started out as my social service project for university, but I soon finished up all my donated foldscopes, so I decided to buy some out of my own pocket and offer these workshops to whoever was interested. I’ve had both adults and kids take the workshop and they’ve loved it.

One of the workshops we did in Guadalajara, we even had three generations of a family present (grandfather, father and kids)

I’ve realized I feel more comfortable with the workshops now than I did in the beginning because I’m more familiar with both the activities we do and the actual foldscope assembly itself. The four hour workshop now usually lasts three hours, depending on the age and amount of participants.

Workshop done on mats usually used to train capoeira and martial arts! You can build and use a foldscope ANYWHERE!

One of the best things about doing these workshops is the fact that we observe different things on different days. For example, one of the kids found a dead spider one day, another time, somebody went and got mosquito larvae from a laundry basin… That’s the foldscope magic, you don’t just satisfy your curiousity, but feed it as well!

Taken by a wokshop participant – spider fangs!!
Close-up of one of the spider legs

More posts will come with discoveries that mostly the participants of the workshop have made. Thank you for reading! [Next post includes one of the kid participants inspecting lice off of his own head… fascinating!!]

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    This is so beautiful to read! Hats off – we are so thrilled with the passion and the explorations. Helping share the act of science is the biggest gift you can give someone. Thanks for everything you do!


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