An Unpleasant Surpr-eyes

10 minutes ago I was playing a game on my phone as I laid in bed. I pulled up my covers and something small flew into the air and into my eye. I immediately panicked and shot up out of my bed and headed to the bathroom. I rinsed my eye with water using the shower head. I had no luck flushing it out. I looked in the mirror and saw the small thing on my eyeball. I fished it out with my fingers as slowly as I could. Once I retrieved it, I gathered my slides and mounted the sample. You would not believe what was in my eye —- it was a scab from my mosquito bite.

Well, at least I think it is. That’s why I would really appreciate it if someone could help me confirm it!

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  1. Minh - Foldscope Deluxe Lover - 2009 Lover says:

    May be some kind of micro insects??

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