Foldscope at Neuroscience Congress

After I came back from Stanford, the first thing I did was to show the Foldscope to my family and friends. After that, to Universities. Yesterday, I had the first opportunity to show this device to a large group of people. I was invited to a Neurogical Congress in the Province where I live, Mendoza. The organization let me have a desk to show the device to the people passing by.

IMG_20160602_154304994 IMG_20160602_154322801_HDR

I showed some cervical cancer samples, and also, we tested a leaf that a kid had in his pocket.

IMG_20160602_164129161 IMG_20160602_164119603

The results where amazing. I can’t describe the kids face when he saw who the green leaf he had in his pocket the whole day looked like under the foldscope. A lot of people where astonished because of the image quality of the device and, most of all, because of its price.

Later that day, I had the chance to talk in the congress as an exposer for some minutes in front of 4000 people. I told them what the device I had in my hand was, how it works and the possibilities of it.

IMG_20160602_202304240 IMG_20160602_183147806 IMG_20160602_182925940

When I got back home at night, I checked my e-mail and I saw a lot of emails from people who wanted to know more about the Foldscope.

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