Foldscope in Poland

Hi, my name is Dagmara. He works in a scientific center, which is a teaching and research institution.
I concidentially found Foldscope on the Internet. I was looking for materials for the next educational classes. I love microscopy. I was very interested in this inconspicuous paper microscope.
It’s an amazing idea.
I wanted to try how it works and I got to Foldscope. The product is not yet available in Poland. Co-author Manu sent them for educational purposes.
Big thanks to you Manu and the whole team;) 🙂
Foldoscop is very attractive for children and young people. The possibility of using their beloved smartphones in class in combination with the foldscope is a sensational idea.
Children, teenagers, adults and families learned together while having fun :).

Thank you Manu 🙂


Acari (persistent preparation)

Mosquito larva (persistent preparation)


Rotifera at dinner 🙂 The sample comes from the beech moss.


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  1. babo989 says:

    The rotifer sample looks amazing, did you see any tardigrades? They love the moss.

    1. Hi,

      There are tardigrades in the tree moss sample. However, it is difficult to find them (there are only a small number). There is more Rotifera (various species), nematodes, sometimes, mites (Acari). I’ll let you know how to record tardigrades. I have recently started Foldscope. I will experiment further.

      Maybe you know what these characteristic and numerous green structures are called;)?


  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Welcome to the foldscope community @Kepler science center. Beautiful images / we are so excited to have you here.

    Also, would you consider translating foldscope instruction manual and/or videos in Polish? Please write to or if that might be of interest.


  3. Mohamad says:

    Dear Dagmara,

    Welcome to the community,
    It’s very inspirational you are looking for new ways to enhance the learning experience.

    The footages are amazing well done.


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