White and Black sugar crystals

After some cooking for a birthday coming next week, I wanted to know how does the white sugar look under the Foldscope:

10x Lens:

IMG_20160605_214536974_HDR IMG_20160605_214539423_HDR

It’s incredible to see the almost perfect geomeric shape of the crystal.

With some zoom of the cellphone camera (40x):


Then I thought how could be a black sugar crystal and this is why I saw:

10x Lens:

IMG_20160605_214926291_HDR IMG_20160605_214928879_HDR IMG_20160605_214842166_HDR IMG_20160605_214837325_HDR IMG_20160605_214847812_HDR IMG_20160605_214832776_HDR

With some zoom of the cellphone camera:

IMG_20160605_214850135 IMG_20160605_214908807_HDR

Hope you like it!

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