Foldscope Workshop series

A series of workshops was conducted in July-August for the 12th standard (second year junior college) Biology students of D. G. Ruparel College, Mumbai by the Foldscope Team of Ruparel College. The workshops included a brief lecture on the invention and introduction to Foldscope followed by a hands on session in slide preparation. The participants enthusiastically prepared the slides and were curious to use Foldscope instead of the conventional microscope for their laboratory exercise on zooplanktons. They also observed some pre-prepared slides.

Workshop on 30th July 2019 : 30 participants
Workshop on 31st July 2019 : 27 participants
Workshop on 1st August 2019 : 43 participants
Workshop on 7th August : 28 participants
Workshop on 10th August 2019 : 26 participants
Workshop on 19th August 2019 : 65 participants

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