Congo-Bound Foldscopes

I’ve got 200 Foldscopes packed in my suitcases as I head to Congo this Thursday on a personal visit back to my Peace Corps village. Dr. Prakash tells me these are the first in Congo and I’m excited to help find the schools and teach the students how to use them. I know that for some kids, this will be the first time they’ve looked though a microscope.

Will update here. Stay tuned!

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  1. Puchina says:

    Looking forward!

  2. Hey Bethduffbrown,
    Is it DRC or RC?? Either ways hoping to see wonderful microcosmic discoveries, please do share a few pics of the equatorial forests, none could forget the ‘Congo’ movie.
    PS: Also If you find Tarzan by any chance teach him foldscopy too.. 😉 JK…

  3. The Democratic Republic of the Congo! Alas, not going into the jungles; I’ll be down in central DRC, which is more savannah. 🙂

  4. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @Beth: Best wishes for a safe and fruitful journey. I think it is correct that this is the first batch of Foldscope heading to Congo. We can not wait all the discoveries the kids will make – and so inspired by your own efforts in bringing science to villages in Congo.

    I can not even imagine the biodiversity that these little tools will uncover. We hold our breadth and wait for next post from you.


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