Fungal infection of hibiscus leaf

Vidya GA and Soumitra Banerjee

CIIRC-Jyothy Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka

The Hibiscus genus (hibiscus spp.) is a large group of shrubs, perennials and trees that produce large, tropical blooms in vibrant colours. There are many fungal disease on Hibiscus leaf like, Leaf Spot (Fungi – Cercospora spp., Phyllosticta spp. And others), Leaf Rust (Fungus – Kuehneola malvicola), Hollyhock Rust (Fungus – Puccinia malvacearum). The fungal spores on Hibiscus leaf were observed under foldscope.

Fig. Infested Hibiscus leaf

Fig. Infestation observed under foldscope

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