Microbes observed in coriander plant

Coriander is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. It is also known as Chinese parsley. All parts of the plant are edible, but the fresh leaves and the dried seeds are commonly used for cooking. The coriander plant was washed in distilled water and the wash water was observed under foldscope. Live motile microorganisms were found in the wash water.

Video: Live microorganisms found in the corriender plant wash water

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  1. Wow, this is really exciting to see.. did you try to stain the microorganisms by any chance later??


  2. Manu Prakash says:

    @Soumitra: This is absolutely fantastic. Now we all have incentives to wash our vegetables well. It’s clear – one of the spiral bacteria swims from one side to another.

    Context makes all the difference. I wonder if you did this in the kitchen and how everyone in the family reacted?


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