comparing different petals of the same pea flower; trichomes & pigments

I was trying to make a slide of the pollen of a pea flower, but since the anthers hadn’t dehisced, I couldn’t do so.

Then I thought about making the slide of the petals of the flower. There are three different types of petals of the pea flower which has vexillary aestivation: the large standard enveloping two medium sized lateral wings which further enclose the keel.

I made slides of the standard (large petal) and the keel (the small, inner petal.

The standard was blue in colour. Slide showed that it had hair like structures known as trichomes.

the dried petal
Structure of trichome is quite visible here
Here trichomes are visible as emerging out
contrast created due to where the slide was wet and where it wasn’t

Then I observed the keels. The petals were white in colour. Cells were irregularly shaped. Absence of trichomes was observed. Vein like structures were visible.


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