Macrothrix, is that you? Peekaboo!!!

Place: Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai, India.

Description: I went on a field visit as a part of a group to observe various water ecosystems. I collected a water sample from a lotus pond. And I saw some kind of movement in the water which wasn’t clear due to insufficient resolution. Hence, I observed the same sample under compound light microscope and observed this!


Observed under Foldscope

Macrothrix under compound microscope

Kingdom:                    Animalia

Phylum:                      Arthropoda

Subphylum:                Crustacea

Class:                          Branchiopoda

Subclass:                    Diplostraca

Infraclass:                  Cladoceromorpha

Superorder:                Cladocera

Order:                         Anomopoda

Family:                       Macrothricidae              

Genus:                        Macrothrix e

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