Found around the office

I received the Foldscope kit and after putting it together, I immediately looked around the office for things to view. The first sample I tried was a crusty piece of dead skin from my co-worker’s healing finger injury. (Yes, we tend to be gross around here)

01 - Shaena's Finger Skin

Well that was fun, but I wanted more. I wanted to learn something. So I found a dog hair on my sweater and made a slide with one dog hair and one human hair (from my head). Can you tell which one is which?

02 - Vader Hair02 - Sam Hair

By this point, I was hooked. I frantically searched around people’s desks looking for something else to put in this thing. Then I remembered that we have a bag of feathers left over from the summer (it’s a science centre, we have weird things around the office). So I put a little feather in the Foldscope and was delighted by what I saw:

03 - Small Feather

Next up, I need to figure out what I can see with the high-mag lens!

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