Workshop organised on Use of Foldscope in practical classes at Department of Zoology, Goalpara College

A workshop was organised today on 19/09/2019 in the department of Zoology, Goalpara College, Assam on the use of Foldscope in practical classes. More than 50 students of TDC (Science) honours were present in the workshop. They mainly learned how to use Foldscope to see various specimens on slides. They enjoyed a lot observing the slides of Animal tissues under Foldscope and took photograph of the specimen using their own camera phone. Head of the Department of Zoology, Goalpara College Mr. Pradip Chutia along with other faculty members- Dr. Anjam Hussain Barbhuiya and Dr Dhiraj Kumar Borah were also present in the workshop and learned the technique of taking photograph/video using Foldscope.

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