Foldscope in the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos


The Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos is the most Antique University in America, where diverse events in the history of science and technology in Peru have aroused.  “Sanmarquinos”, as they are usually called, have contributed and continue contributing to all aspects of the scientific development in Peru and the world.

Medical Sciences represent one of the most important interests of this university, and it is precisely where great achievements in benefit of communities have been developed. During June’s last week, the Foldscope was presented in the auditorium of the campus with great expectation causing the amusement of students, professors and investigators.


On its presentation a conference was presented about What it is?, how was it created?, what is it used for?, what can it serve in the future? Which are its limitations? How does it benefit world public health?, to which students and professors formulated questions with disbelief about the marvelous features of Foldscope; until they knew it.

Later, during the demonstration in the laboratories of “Instituto de Medicina Tropical Daniel Alcides Carrión”, all the participants could ensemble and observe different samples with different magnifications. They observed the benefits of Foldscope.


Then, ideas emerged for its application, modification and benefits that go from undergraduate and graduate education to research. Likewise, the possibility of its application in health campaigns (which are not usually done because of a lack of budget, or tools, or the difficulties for transporting such material) that will benefit the communities that needs it most.


This is how we are taking Foldscope to the principal science academic centers, so that the scientific collectivity can know and modify their realities, in benefit of the global public health.


Jeel Moya-Salazar, MT

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  1. ckurihara says:


    This is fantastic – thanks so much for taking the time to demonstrate the foldscope to your colleagues and to have them consider ways in which it might be used. This will be how the device gets propagated around the world!


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