Squirmy the Worm-y

Nature Hunting: Day 2!

In our backyard, we found a puddle that had many interesting organisms in it, including an aquatic worm. It was very interesting to observe. Initial observations showed it was short, thin, and very energetic.

So, we put it under our foldscopes and saw that there were many parts to the worm. We identified its head and observed it from head to toe. It does happen sometimes that we get a little too excited in the process of identifying the worm;we ended up putting the squirming little worm to rest. RIP Squirmy the Worm 😭. Overall, observing e aquatic worm was very intriguing. Hopefully we can find more interesting creatures in our backyard puddle!

IMG_4388 IMG_4387 IMG_4386IMG_4385

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Oh wow! Do you have a video of squirmy, perhaps we could put a latin name to it :). Best way to put in videos is to upload it to youtube or vimeo (latter is slower but no advertisements like former) and then insert into the post as as link (add media from URL).. Great going.. What else does this pond have?

  2. Matthew Rossi says:

    I second the request for the video!
    Latin name: Vermicelli squirmulisis

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