Ciliates in our backyards – Euplotes 

After following notes from @Laks on hay cultures..

Culturing ciliates: The Hay Infusion, Day 8

I decided to create my own hay cultures; and watched them grow. It’s been fascinating to see the cultures grow; and I see new things almost on a daily basis. 

I want to quickly share possibly the largest Euplotes I have seen. What’s incredible are the clear cirri; two class of cilia – one close to the mouth opening and a class all around used for walking. Take a first look.. 

Here is a view with other ciliates and Rotifers visible in the same field of view. 

Next; I used 240fps high speed imaging mode to actually watch the cilia. It’s clear how different cilia beat at different frequency. I will upload these videos soon.

 I find the oral cavity of the ciliates incredible. In several of the movies you can see bacteria being caught and trapped in the cavity. 

@Matt recently in his comment eluded to the 3D forms of animals – which are clearly visible in these videos. 

If you can identify the species – please do write a comment. 



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  1. laksiyer says:

    @Manu.. Incredible.. Such clarity. This is simply amazing. Yes the cilia beating at different speeds is so obvious. Also Euplotes seems to make a nice little vortex. Further, some of the mseem to have swallowed the alga and I wonder if they are just eaten or kept for symbiotic purposes.

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