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I was delighted to have a chance meeting with Dr. Lenny Teytelman – cofounder of I have been thinking a lot about marriage of two worlds – a free flowing story telling style of posts we encourage every user to write and a structured “methods/protocols” section making everyone experiments repeatable by any other foldscope user in the world.

Lenny and I will be testing several ideas; but I just created a “Foldscope Group” on – create an account and join the group (it’s open for anyone to join). I will figure out a way to “embed” the protocol directly into Foldscope plugin so you don’t have to go to another page to see it. Also; the protocols app is fantastic; as you start implementing complex protocols; it’s an incredible fun thing to have.

As a started; inspired by @vaish’s post (which you can read here)

Marigold 🏵

I made a quick for methylene blue staining. Now, as a user; you can fork the protocol, edit it, correct it and if it works for you – let others know. Imagine hundreds and thousands of exact protocols on microscopy and biology shared amongst all Foldscope users will make science far more reputable and fun. You won’t have to keep wondering why your experiment did not work.

I still need to figure out, how to embed the protocols properly on a Foldscope page; but here is a quick link for what I wrote.

If you are excited about this idea and a connection – create an account at and also join the Foldscope group (just like the iNaturalist account and Foldscope group). And if you are feeling more excited; go ahead and create a simple and “tested” protocol. Fork anyone else protocol and share it with our community.

Well done experiments are happy experiments.


ps: Foldscope team will be visiting Lenny and his friends soon; more on that visit update later.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    This is great @Manu. I have several protocols to share, will put them up.

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    @Laks: I am excited about detailed protocols on Foldscope. To embed the actual protocol inside the post itself; simply click on one the arrows in page that shows details of “WIDGET” and copy the code.

    Choose the width and height; or leave it as default. I don’t know yet how this looks on iPhone; but we can easily modify the size. It’s so simple.. I am really hoping all the Foldscope users will create detailed protocols for experiments they share.


    For the above post; the code that was copied is; it is not rendered completely.

    Click on “code”
    This is text.. I edited it so it does not display it as a iframe here in the comment.
    iframe src=”” style=”width: 1000px; height: 700px; border: 1px solid transparent;”>

    click on “/code” again

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