Always doing the different!

Back in December 2018 the lead PI on our foldscope project, Mahima Jaini conducted a foldscope training for ANET researchers. 6 enthusiastic researchers and educators got together to construct the microscopes and then used them to magnify plankton, mold spores, fern sori and whatever tiny that came their way. Pictures of this workshop being conducted (that included a happy 5 year old loitering around) were lost due to phone damage. But fortunately, what these researchers learnt that day stayed on 🙂

In April 2019, 3 of the researchers went on to conduct another workshop – but this time it was with teenagers! This was run as an activity in one of ANET’s visiting school programmes called ‘Do the Different’. While time didn’t allow students to construct microscopes, they engaged whole heartedly in making slides & observing onion peel, pond water and cheek cells with both the naked eye and their smart phones.

The Foldscope – ‘Magnify Your Curiosity’ activity has become a standard in ANETs’ & Dakshin Foundations’ education programmes. It enables students to think and experience on drastically different scales. Thank you DBT & Foldscope Team for opening us up to these possibilities.

#IndiaFoldscopePhase1 – DBT Foldscope Category B Project Details:

Project Title: Integrating microscopy and satellite oceanography to understand the dynamics of planktonic communities around the Andaman Islands

Principal Investigator: Mahima Jaini, Marine Research Officer, Dakshin Foundation

Location: Andaman Nicobar Environment Team, Wandoor, South Andaman, India

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