Blue Green algae

Valve slightly sigmoid, linear-lanceolate, with subacute ends, 55-85 µm long, 8.5-12.5 µm wide. Raphe sternum with single curvature, raphe angle +4 to +8°, practically median throughout. Central raphe fissures oppositely deflected dimorphic crooks, difficult to see in LM. Terminal areas very small triangles in semilateral position. A small apical microforamina segment is present at the very tip of the vlave (SEM). Striae transverse 20 24 in 10 µm, longitudinal much finer, 26 29 in 10 µm. One paraxial row of internal areolar foramina displays small hoods; at the valvar margin the striae become condensed (SEM). Common littoral marine species flourishing in very large numbers on salt marshes and mudflats on the coasts of W. Europe and the USA. Probably much more widely distributed.

Date: 20/10/2018
TIme: 2:01pm

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