Dear Folks,

Could you please help me to identify this eutardigrada from external morphology? Few month ago I have uploaded the same here with videographs (Foldscopic). But the species need to be identified for cataloging. My wild guess is Hypsibius sp. As the two claws of each leg are straight with only the tip curled slightly inwards in other cases both branches can be curled inwards.

Please help me to ID the same

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  1. edurafi says:

    Beautiful! I am yet to find a tardigrade 🙁 Can you give some tips, how to look for the tardigrades. Is this video and photo taken with the foldscope?

    1. Hey edurafi,

      Try lichen (dagad phool), best source….


  2. MananSuri says:

    Wow! What a beautiful tardigrade!!

  3. Yeah, it’s a eutardigrade, nice find, can’t really conclude, did you find any eggs ?? They’re also one of the factors to determine species not just morphology, we need a 1000x resolution PCM or NIM for proper morphology….

    Cheers though…

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