Granite pebble stone from Merced river in Yosemite

By using the magnet tapped to the camera of my phone to connect only the lens module of the foldscope, I enabled a way to image the surface of the pebbles. Interestingly, I have seen some very fragile while structure.

By breaking the pebbles, we can see an incredible difference outside/inside in terms of color and texture. So many shining white and black micas.

I wish I could have an app on my phone to take a stack in order to image in focus such “microscape”. Any tricks for achieving that ?

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Beautiful post @thibaut. Here are a few tools you will find handy.

    1) in this post from 2015, I describe a series of tools and apps perfect for focus stacks.
    Including several desktop and iPhone apps (helicon, stackfocus etc). Do try this out.

    2) very similar to your hack, @laks described a beautiful way to image surfaces (surfing surfaces) in the post here:
    Overall these are fantastic ways to image surfaces since the flatness of the surface ensures that you don’t need too much focus control.

    Do watch the videos in links above – and I can’t wait to try this out on more rocks – specially rocks with embedded micro fossils! I happen to know a few places in San Francisco where we could collect something like that.

    Beautiful work!


  2. tpollina says:

    Wow @Manu, those 2 posts are very interesting! I should definitely search on the blog itself to find tips !

    I will try for sure the tools and apps you are describing and reiterate my attempt!

    I’d love to collect and image the microfossils as well, it’s even more exciting!

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