Foldscope at Hackaton



A couple of days ago I attended a Hackaton in Mendoza, Argentina. The main objective of it was to tell everyone what the Foldscope is and its possibilities. A lot of people were interested on the device. After talking a lot, we came up with the idea of an automatical image taking machine. So, we started working! We grabbed an Arduino and started sketching how the program would be like. The machine will use Stepper Motors to move the axis of the Foldscope and take the desired sample pictures. The Hackaton was too short to finish the Work, so we scheduled more meetings to keep working. I will keep you posted!


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  1. laksiyer says:

    Wow… Wow… this sounds like fun, please share all protocols. Dont forget to use focus lock ( Will definitely give you good views… perhaps you can hack that too?

    1. marcosbruno says:

      I am going to look to implement the lock as well! Thank you for the advice!

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