How I am learning BOTANY

How I am learning BOTANY, a thread: I had studied botany in school and college but never found it as interesting as microbiology. So ultimately did masters in microbiology. I have been exploring microscopic world with the @TeamFoldscope, I always carry it with me. (1/n)

I put anything I find interesting under the Foldscope and observe. During one workshop I saw Pollens and found it fascinating. Read little bit about it and got to know that each species has unique pollen. But my initial interest in pollens was purely due 2 aesthetic reasons

Pollens look beautiful, they come in various shapes and sizes with decorative surface. I got obsessed with pollens and started collecting flowers so I can observe them under d @TeamFoldscope n photograph it. With reach photo I started noticing similarities in them

I had studied plant classification in college but I never paid much attention to it w.r.t. plants. But while collecting pollen samples I started noticing d similarities in flowers n pollens n their connection in classification. Now I can c a flower n pollen n guess its family

For example, today I saw this plant and its pollens. My first thought was this plant should be connected to the Commelina. I used internet to find out the name of the plant n found that it is Tradescantia pallida n it belongs to Commelinaceae family. (4/n)

Now botany has become extremely interesting for me, I just can’t stop myself from observe plants and flowers while walking or even scrolling social media posts. If I see photo of a flower, I ask my friends to bring me the flowers. I’m a plant detective now. (6/n)

I learnt more botany through free exploration than I learnt in college. I also I realised that may be it was not botany that was boring but d way it was taught in college. Botany, or any subject for that matter, can be extremely interesting if introduced properly. (end/n)

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