Disappointed with foldscope function

I have tried to observe Helminthosporium (fungai) condia through foldscope… unexpected thing was that the clarity was too poor than the expected. The magnification of compound microscope 10xwas found to be superior than foldscope 140x

Helminthosporium conidia in Foldscope 140c
Helminthosporium@10c of compound microscope

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @malempati,

    Thanks for sharing your data and ideas here. The 10x objective of a regular compound microscope is equivalent to a 100x total magnification (since 10x is in the eye piece). This is why the magnification is similar in magnitude. The key number is resolution instead of magnification and the 140x lens has a 1.9micron resolution. Can you share the NA and resolution of the 10x objective.

    Also – Foldscope takes time to learn and use – and it would be valuable to practice and play. I can see in the image that the coupler is offset so you are imaging through the edge of the lens. It’s valuable for you to also measure the resolution yourself using beads as a test case. Finally, the sensor (cellphone) that you use will also change the quality of data since the pixel size has to be optimized to a given lens. I will post some examples of resolution of images collected by others.


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