Iraqi Kindergarten pupils meet Foldscope

On Thursday 2019 – 11 – 28 we had a fantastic morning at Nasa’em Kindergarten with pupils age 4-5 years old. We started with a brief presentation as introductory to make the subject relevant to them. Later we did a hands-on practical demonstration and show them live mounts eg. Rotifer. And from prepared slides Fern rhizome under Foldscope.

The objective was to introduce them to the microorganisms and make awareness for hand washing.

The participants were very excited with what they are seeing so we asked them what do they think. The answers were like “We are going to tell our family and friends to wash hands and we want to have a Foldscope”
And also some specific questions about the names and where do they live.

Next week we will do another workshop with other participants and will visit a Primary school.

Enjoy the gallery 🙂

Mohammed -Foldscope Iraq Team-

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Incredible work @abbas. What a fantastic and energetic series of photos.

    When I work with young kids; I often ask them to draw what they see. The results are often very revealing. Try that next time.

    Congrats – fantastic!


  2. Mohamad says:

    Hii Manu,

    Thanks for your comment, Yeah that’s a great idea.

    Looking forward to reaching more schools in upcoming weeks.


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