Malabar Hill Visit

Date: 23rd Nov 2018
Place: Malabar Hill, Mumbai
Participants: Aziz, Siddhi, Jennifer and Maya
The 4 of us enthusiastically went up to Maharashtra Nature Park (MNP) today morning, only to find it shut on occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti. The only other park that would be open would be the Malabar Hill Park in South Mumbai. So we decided to go here for our field visit. It was a fun filled visit with us studying soil and water samples, and flowers (Cessalpinia gillisei petals, pollen sac, pollens) from the garden. We had several people asking us about the Foldscope and trying it out themselves.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Absolutely beautiful. It’s a special moment to do science in public spaces – share that excitement with passer by. Thanks for sharing and joining the community.

    Love the images! Absolutely beautiful.


  2. MayaM says:

    Thank you so much, Dr Manu, for the Foldscope, the words of encouragement and the DBT-PrakashLab Foldscope grant! Science has never been so engaging and so much fun (for all age groups!) It has also been very meaningful and life-changing – just one of several examples:
    Thank you, once again!

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