Science OR Sports? Find what students chose!!

I was about to leave home to do another workshop in school, interestingly by chance I found those interesting triple together. So it was a great sample to take and show to students.

Note* Media found below last one

On 4th December we had a workshop in a new primary school for 4 & 5 graders. Everything was as it used to be but after I finished the normal presentation and live demonstration. 2 surprises happened naturally from the students.

1- One student asked if she can give a present! That was an unexpected request because I usually find students excited and curious but not so ready and eager to stand and present all what she learned and saw.
I responded supportively and said okay let’s welcome “Furdos” to the front.

While I was recording I could not focus on the camera a lot because she was not only talking about things that I told them but also she added lots of information from her experiment in the workshop.
It was literally full workshop demonstration format what she performed!!

Furdos demo front of her friends

2nd surprise was: After the workshop time finished, I could spend some time with some students that they asked their “Sports” Teacher to spend some more time exploring with Foldscope. Most students love “Sports” lesson in schools but for the first time ever I see the ones who attended the workshop prefered to have fun in a different way.

Workshop Pictures:

Workshop video includes:
1- Engagement moments with Foldscope.
2- Three interviews with students asking what did they learn?
3- Student demonstration.

(Rotifer, Tetrahymena and Nematode) 3 Microorganisms video

Thanks for reading.

Mohammed – Foldscope Iraq Team

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Beautiful and thoughtful reflections Mohammad. What a wonderful group and data!


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