Science engagement is new hope!

Congratulations Foldscope India for reaching a new milestone by training 100,000 kids. I am super proud of this amazing news.
What an achievement! Very inspiring for Foldscope Iraq as an emerging movement. Your efforts are pushing us to do a lot more.
Please read more for our vision (What, How and Why we do)…

Mo Pandirajan @MMopatnsf & Eden Center for your contributions.
You are doing beyond excellent. Keep it up!

The Tweet that made my day…

Glimpse of Foldscope Iraq

We have humble beginnings with small Team each one with specific background (Developer, Designer, Explorer etc..) at “Knowledge Space” It’s a social venture in Iraq, Kirkuk provide maker space and library.

Now a days I am trying to expand the project to other cities in Iraq.
The idea is reaching out to friends who might be interested to join pushing this science engagement movement to be part of making real change and save the hope in our country. Why?
Below is the answer ….

Because I realized that in my all workshops students are
fully engaged and so happy surprisingly! -that I had to think why?-
They feel there is another aspect of education that is missing currently.
I could feel and see in their eyes regaining hope and trust for studying.
All of them seems satisfied for attending the workshop and claim that they love biology more now. In addition some asking for more visits and having Foldscope.
(Note* At the end you can see a video of students talking about their experience).

So all that brought me to a conclusion we are doing more than science workshops unconsciously. Its actually saving people from entering another tunnel of hopeless future for Iraq because of known bad situations we live since decades.
I cannot imagine if this humble-start to what – outcomes & impact – will lead if go successful.

Once we have the initial Team all in most of Iraq if not all, We will start calling for schools to host workshops by us and then go-on with their students to other new students So we will have community driven movement in science the bigger it becomes the more curios minds develops.

I am looking forward to meeting that dream Team which we are the students and the community tells us what it needs.

We do not have any sponsors or even government support. The only resource we have is Foldscope distribution partnership. People who do not know us think we do business and our workshops are free for advertising etc… but the reality is different.
The top priorities for Foldscope Iraq is to build a community in science, spread the curiosity to other fields and challenge problems to find solutions. Thus, in the future create a national lab where all scientists can collaborate in bigger projects.
For that reason, selling price of one basic Foldscope will be always at lowest possible price with zero-profit to make sure everyone can afford it and keep providing free services within community.
So being the official distributor in Iraq does not change this humanitarian act but instead we will do our best to empower it.

Some moments of Foldscope workshop
Answering 5 questions about Foldscope Iraq >
Falling Walls Engage

If you would like to contact for any reason this is our my email >

Thanks a lot for reading. We hope you and every foldscope community the best. Looking forward to meeting you one day.

Warm regards,

2019-12-18 (7:12 AM)
Read more link for project overview at Falling Walls Engage website >

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