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  1. laksiyer says:

    Beautiful. You see that orange circle between two strands. Look if you spot more of those. They might be the amoeba Arcella. Also look if any other consistent black blobs are attached to the Spirogyra, you might find the testate amoeba diffulgia. Also look out for the various stages of this “plant”. Keep observing for long and a lot more emerges.

  2. sameerUNO says:

    Yes, I found many orange circles in the sample.
    I will look more into it

    1. laksiyer says:

      Fantastic. Now the challenge is to catch the Arcella amoeba in the shell. Do a timelapse (Lapseit Pro) for a few hours taking a picture every 10 seconds or so. From below the orange dot you will likely see the pseudopodia reaching out. A very exciting and fun activity.

  3. sameerUNO says:

    I’ll try it
    Thanks for this guidance

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