White spots on leaves

Two posts about mysterious white spots on leaves posted by @SameerUno n @patilsaheb intrigued me so much that today morning I went out to look for such white spots on leaves.

Near a dump I found such white spots on a cucumber-ish plant.  https://t.co/eWcUaPjnvj

(2/n)There were 3 hypothesis- @SameerUno thought it looks like pollens, @patilsaheb thought it must be eggs, @PrakashLab suggested it could be fungal spores. @fabien_lombard was confident that these r fungal spores n if v take section of leaf will find spore.  https://t.co/izKgexC6Qg

(3/n) @PrakashLab n @fabien_lombard were correct, without even dissecting d leaf I could c that these must b spores. As I could c some spores attached 2 hyphae. These can not b eggs or pollens.  https://t.co/kqrOiKiEgi

(4/n) as suggested by @fabien_lombard n @PrakashLab I took a section of d leaf n observed under d Foldscope. And they suggested I could c d entire fungal structure. I had studied abt powdery mildew during college, this looked very similar 2 it.  https://t.co/DRzdrnvM6d

(5/n) tried 2 check if already anybody reported powdery mildew on @TeamFoldscope community site microcosmos. N yes, there was 1 report by maniaraa. That was also on cucumber. @PrakashLab https://t.co/jZJfkbF2Ap

(6/n) I also took some photos using 10x lens 2 c how deep it goes into leaf. These pictures were not helpful. All I could see is there is white powder on white threads.  https://t.co/h7uOTSUZk6

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