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Hello Foldscope community

My name is Anna Kim from currently working in Coffee Sector in Rwanda, D.R Congo, Ethiopia, and Burundi. I am so excited to use foldscope in Coffee sectors and will share some results here. I have zero background in Science stuff but let’s see how we can find something and use this foldscope better for coffee plants and farming and processing.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Welcome to our community @ana. Here you will find thousands of users just like you – passionate about the science and willing to engage with grassroots communities. Really looking forward to see how foldscope can help in early detection of diseases of Coffee.

    Please share plans of foldscope workshops in your communities in Ethiopia, Congo etc. we have users everywhere – and once you know when, we will see if local users can join.

    Also – it would be wonderful to see pictures of some of the coffee farms; when you visit next.



  2. letsequoia says:

    Hello Professor Manu 🙂

    Thanks for warm welcoming.
    Heading to Rwanda & Congo Tomorrow and will definitely share it with our colleagues and other farmers!!

    I want to deeply study about different varieties of coffees, disease also, soil types

  3. laksiyer says:

    Wow those are sharp images. I would love to see how the coffee leaves and flowers look under the foldscope and of course looking forward to getting some views of common pests and parasites of the plant. The places you mention are filled with life and even a small pond would throw up some surprises. Just our of curiosity what language would you use across these places? English and French?

  4. Guillermo Narvaez says:

    Anna, excellent idea! I have failed to take my Foldscope on my last few trips (Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras), but I am interested in seeing how Roya (coffee leaf rust) looks on leaves before the damage is too noticeable (i.e., the leaf looks wilted and yellow). How Broca ( H. Hampei) eggs and droppings look like. On the more positive side, how coffee muselage looks like at different stages of fermentation (for washed and honey processing). I am increasingly interested in having a more detailed understanding of the mycological environment that influences the fermentation of coffee beans. I look forward to see what you find…. and I have to be more diligent in taking a Foldscope and using it on my future trips.

  5. Mohamad says:

    Dear Anna -@LETSEQUOIA-,

    Very welcome to Foldscope community.
    It’s exciting to be doing science as well as being introduced to other cultures all around the world in a meaningful and inspiring aspect which is through SCIENCE. This is what I think of my experience within the Foldscope Global Community.

    Looking forward to your experiments.

    Warm regards,
    Your friend Mohammed from Iraq

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