My Iphone-foldscope hack

Good day everyone 

I want to share my IPhones-foldscope hack with you today.

Most apple users has found that there is an extreme, sometimes violent shaking or vibration created when using the magnetic couplers to connect your iPhone and your foldscope.

This is due to the fact that the iPhones camera polarization is in the opposite orientation from other smartphones. 

So this means every magnet on the foldscope has to be turned around. This is not a problem for the square magnetic couplers. You simply turn them around. (See photo’s attached).

The problem is when you get to the lens. The lens can’t simply be turned around. It would be facing the wrong direction.

So I took the lens and cut it out at about 7mm from the center. I tried sizing it so that the little piece of plastic holding the lens would fit into the center of a square coupler. So I filed the little piece round and removed some material on the surface of the plastic around the lens because I considered that the new position/ hight of the ‘turned around’ lens should preferable be at the exact hight it was intended to be, for focusing. This was tricky and in the end I just superglued the lens on the square coupler and hoped for the best. 

The final result is a foldscope and an iPhone that works together and there is no vibrations left. I tested my self-improved foldscope on a piece of a South African Monarch butterfly wing.

See photos attached

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Beautiful hack Lezeth! We figured out this orientation issue long after wards and have been meaning to write a post on this. In new version of the tool – this will be pre-solved.

    Thanks for sharing this here – wonderful job!


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