Foldscope – My School Project

I turned my passion for the microcosmos and foldscope, into a meaningful project that I was required to submit for my practical examination at school.

I have used to project to as such form a scrapbook of the different specimens I have observed and their short description.

I would love to receive feedback from the microcosmos community about the same.

I would like to thank Dr. Manu Prakash for inventing such a wonderful tool, for his inspiring posts and for his constant support to the foldcope community. I would like to thank laksiyer sir for helping me identify a few species and for inspiring me with his posts. I have received enormous support and encouragement from my biology teacher, Ms. Tripta Sablok who has shared and cultivated my enthusiasm for the subject.

I have some snapshots of the project:

The title page, which I handcrafted.

The project was a learning journey for me. It helped me to learn more about the specimens I was observing, compelled me to learn new techniques and taught me to be meticulous.

The pdf of the project is attached:

Manan Suri

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Manan Suri,

    Your post is so incredibly beautiful. You have indeed surpassed many of the artistic posts made on the site; just absolutely brilliant use of collage and science!!

    Will write a detailed comment soon – but wanted to say – fantastic job.


    1. MananSuri says:

      Dear Manu Sir,
      I really value your appreciation of my project. I always had a creative streak and with this project I knew that collages would work the best to express what I wanted. Once again, I would like to express the role foldscope has played in shaping my interest and appreciation for science and biology.
      Thank you
      Manan Suri

  2. laksiyer says:

    I read your entire BioProject. Manan this is outstanding work. This is exactly what the foldscpe project would like school/college kids to do. I will showcase this to whomever I meet. 72 figures, well thought our writing, good collection of facts. Great diversity of life. The learning will be life long and you can proudly state that you belong to the hall of budding scientists (degrees dont matter). Keep at it and the returns will only be exponential.

    1. MananSuri says:

      Reading your comment brought a smile to my face and did bring out some confidence in me. Whether you know it or not, your comments and your posts are very influential to all members of the microcosmos community. You saying that you will showcase it to everyone you meet could be the greatest compliment that has been given to my project. I hope I am able to learn more things as I continue on this path.
      Thank you
      Manan Suri

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