An afternoon with my daughter in the garden

It have been since a while that I did have a foldscope to my daughter… but yes giving such a tool to a 4 year old girl was maybe a little premature and after a first interest get less interested by it (well she got troubles preparing and manipulating it)…

But now she is now seven, and while we were at home in the garden she started to ask me about the white powder escaping from some flowers and if the was pollen. I then started to get out the foldscope (and meanwhile a neighbor friend of my daughter get home). We then started to foldscope some of the garden flowers, and more specifically their pollen.

First flower

After those few trials the two girls started to get fully enthusiastic and they started to take the control

Damn how can i tilt photos…

They afterward took samples for a little bit everything they could In the neighborhood and passed a wonderful afternoon

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Fabian,

    What a wonderful afternoon you described! Indeed four year old is a little young đŸ˜‰

    I just love the description above – the pollen trying to escape the flowers. And what beautiful and varied pollen.

    With the COVID-19 scare and millions of kids staying at home; maybe its time to start foldscoping and sharing everything in our gardens. I will write a longer post about the same.

    I am back safely at home – and since the labs are closed – we are all turning our homes into tiny little lab.


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