Foldoscoping on the day of Janata Curfew

what better way to celebrate the Janata Curfew inside the home?

During the day of Janata curfew to destroy the Carona virus from India, Prime minister Narendra Modi started a journey on 22 March 2020. To celebrate this event we students with Ms. Sri Lakshmi, Ms. Purandarswari under the guidance of Dr. Vemuri srs Praveen Kumar from Ongole district, at Bhima Raju vari street, celebrated the foldoscoping the images of insects, Human Hair and leaves of Tulasi tree.

Foldscope microscopic view of Tulasi Tree :
The circular rings of Tulasi leaf show flower-like spores enhance the interest to the view of the microscopic world
Human Hair of Dr. Vemuri SRS Praveen Kumar photo captured by Ms. SriLakshmi, 9th class student of PVR Girls High School
Foldscope image of Housefly wing

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